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Time to slow your life down

We all know the story of the Hare & the Tortoise and we all know who wins in the end, but how do most of us live our lives?

We live in a world that worships the Hare, that encourages instant gratification, that celebrates the busy, so we are constantly chasing the next thing and the next thing that will complete us, fulfil us, that will make us happy – maybe we over eat, over shop, over spend, over watch, over consume

We want and we want it now!

But his chasing is a never-ending race to the next thing, only to receive a hit of dopamine that only lasts for so long and the rush has gone and we are on to the next thing.

We are all unconsciously addicted to this way of living and we are all exhausted, ill and stressed because of it.

When we are constantly going at this fast pace we never have time to draw breath and listen to our intuition so we miss the subtle signs to slow down, to rest, to enjoy the ride, and then what comes alongside that? So much judgment so many negative thoughts because the tortoise is “less than” he has got it wrong, you are less than if you are not striving for the next thing.

When we are speeding along it brings with it a belief that we are not good enough, the monkey brain and inner critic kicks in and inevitably leads to fatigue, burnout with a lot of self-judgment and even shame, the voice of the inner bully is loud and running riot in our minds.

When we start to cultivate the perspective of the tortoise, we begin to smell the roses along the way, we enjoy the journey, we appreciate the little wins, and we begin to hear another voice inside our heads, a much quieter voice, maybe just a whisper to begin with, but this voice is much more gentle, more caring, more loving. Our intuition, our inner guide, our very own champion on our side guiding us, supporting us, helping us, empowering us to a place of believing in ourselves, trusting our decisions and knowing no matter what we will ALWAYS BE ENOUGH

To begin to embrace the outlook of the tortoise use your breath, you breathe 20,000 times a day, it is free and with you everywhere you go, breathe slow and deep in through your nose and out slowly through your mouth, in and out, in and out – better? What does that quiet voice inside you, say you need right now?

Listen and give yourself the gift of the answer, your health and energy will thank you.

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