If you are suffering from any kind of physical or mental health problems I highly recommend doing a course with Andrea.

I suffer from ME/ CFS, Fibromyalgia and anxiety. The difference in me from the start of the course to the end was amazing and some of the things I learnt were life changing.

I have tried many things to heal myself but doing a course with Andrea helped much more then anything else.

She is such a wonderful lady and after one call you feel like you have known her for ages.

I cannot recommend this enough!

Nicky U.K.

I was diagnosed with MS in July 2018. I said yes to working with Andrea because I was desperate, MS had put me in a ‘shit cycle’. I was struggling to think of the future and what to do next.

Andrea wanted to find a way for my body and I to live in harmony with each other rather than at war. It was difficult to see any way how that could work.

Andrea has given me the tools and techniques that have helped me to navigate the ‘shit cycle’ in a better way.

I wouldn’t say I accept MS yet but working with Andrea I feel I know a better way of dealing with the day to day difficulties.

What is great about working with Andrea compared to say my doctor or MS nurse is that she totally gets it. Andrea has lived with MS for a long time and understands and relates to my emotions, the ups and downs, frustrations and anger, this is a huge support and a huge relief that I am not alone.

I am not yet ready to take some of the leaps that we have talked about but I know I am in a much stronger position than I was 3 – 4 months ago and when I am ready I have the ability, confidence and inner strength to regain my life and future in whatever form that looks like.

Thank you Andrea for helping, supporting and listening I can’t recommend you enough.


I was recommended Andrea through a friend and after chatting with her on the phone for an hour free of charge I decided to invest in a 12 week coaching program, mainly to challenge my habits around food and my general well being.

I didn’t expect to uncover so much about myself and what drives me and what drives my habits. I have discovered things about myself that I didn’t expect to discover, as a result I feel I know and understand myself more as I have learnt tools that I can use on a daily basis which will without a doubt help me to live a better and more fulfilling life.

I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Andrea to anyone who wants to take on change and wants to grow as a person.


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