“I found Andrea after struggling with depression and fibromyalgia for years.
I was emotionally and physically in a dark place, with so much pain everyday, quickly Andrea helped to turn things around and start to find positives and rewire by mindset so that life and health improved so much over a short period of time.

Andrea is extremely easy to talk to and so supportive. She is very honest about things and helps you to clearly see things from different angles , allowing you to find healthy and positive solutions and improvements to your health and mindset.”

I can’t thank Andrea enough, and would highly recommend her to everyone.”

Kath UK

If you are suffering from any kind of physical or mental health problems I highly recommend doing a course with Andrea.

I suffer from ME/ CFS, Fibromyalgia and anxiety. The difference in me from the start of the course to the end was amazing and some of the things I learnt were life changing.

I have tried many things to heal myself but doing a course with Andrea helped much more then anything else.

She is such a wonderful lady and after one call you feel like you have known her for ages.

Nicky U.K.

“Andrea really helped me to change my life around. I suffered from anxiety which brought on Atrial Fibrillation and emotional eating. I knew a few things but I was struggling to implement it. I felt overwhelmed and left me creating endless lists to tick off. Andrea helped me start from the beginning and gradually over the 12 weeks I felt my brain had been rewired. I now control my anxiety; it no longer controls me.

Andrea is so easy to talk to and makes you feel that anything you say is not silly. She totally gets it. I have returned to work in a school during a pandemic. I feel very proud of what I have achieved. Thanks Andrea”

Wendy UK

“I felt I needed help in areas I couldn’t work out/control myself. I struggled with depression and anxiety for a few years. I used sertraline prescribed by my doctor for a year, and when I finished that I decided that the best next step was to speak to someone to understand why I had these difficulties, how I can take control of overwhelming situations, to learn exercises to help prevent these from happening, and generally manage my energy and moods making everything smoother and more consistent.

Andrea was suggested to me after hearing about the great work that she does, straight away Andrea was brilliant in helping me. The sessions were very enjoyable and I took so much away from each one.

I have had several sessions where we spoke about so much, all from understanding where these feelings come from and why I get them, to how I can use breath work to reduce the anxiety and stress levels in my head, and how to make feeling better more sustainable. I know lots of people say that speaking to someone helps, which it does, but what really helped me was talking to Andrea, and getting specific help to my needs and not just a generalised view on mental health topics.

Everything we covered was entirely worked around everything I had told her, and she really listened to what I said. Andrea genuinely cares about making people just feel good! I have come away from these sessions with a much brighter outlook, much more mindful and calm in myself. My sleep has improved dramatically, my energy levels are so much more consistent and I just feel so good and happy about myself again.”

“If you want real, one to one help, I highly recommend Andrea and can’t explain how good she is!”

Ben UK

“If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how extraordinary you are”

Maya Angelou

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