I totally get it, I have been exactly where you are now. 

I feel your frustration, your guilt, shame and isolation.  You are screaming from the rooftops but nobody is listening.  Nobody understands.  You try so hard to hold it all together, be everything to everyone, people rely on you, you can’t let them down, you can’t let yourself down, because if you do, what then?

Your diagnosis or health setbacks are forcing you to re-think and you are angry.  A diagnosis might explain the symptoms that you are dragging around in sheer exhaustion and brain fog but you feel like you are slowly dying from the inside out.

How did it come to this?  You have done everything right? You have played by the rules, you have the career, the family, the home. Yet the thanks you get is a chronic illness and crippling fatigue.

But deep inside you know that this can’t be it, this can’t be what life is about – to drift into middle age with illness, fatigue, brain fog and a feeling of “Where did I disappear to? “… “Where have I gone? ”… “Is this it ? ”.

You know there is a voice inside screaming to be let out, to be free, to be passionate, to sing and dance, laugh and love in complete joy and vitality.

Maybe that voice is getting louder? the carefree feisty girl with BIG dreams and plans to change the world and make a difference.

If you are ready to listen to that voice and take a leap of faith on you, the one and only YOU that will ever be born, if you believe there is more – then I will listen, hold your hand, inspire and guide you to the life you have always deserved.

Join me on your journey to Freedom from Fatigue.

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