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Listen to the signs

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of many chronic illnesses or autoimmune diseases. In people who have MS 90% highlight fatigue as their main symptom, and I don’t know about you but it was my most debilitating symptom (and I have been blind 3 times!!).

Everyone’s fatigue is different but for me it felt like I was living on the wrong planet, gravity was too heavy on this planet, holding my head up straight was impossible, dragging my arms and legs, the brain fog and being able to see straight or speak a full sentence just meant I couldn’t function – it was so draining and debilitating and invisible!!

This was my life for 20 years, the neurologist just wanted to medicate me and I just wanted someone to understand, really understand ME!!!! I had plenty of love and support but nobody got me!!

I felt like such a failure, so guilty for letting people down and had such shame that I was in this position yet again. Adding to the shame was the lack of acknowledgment from the health care professionals that it wasn’t recognised as a MS relapse, its just a symptom and you have to live with it!!!!! I thought I was making it up!!

Can you resonate with any of the above?

But my mission is to inspire and empower people, to help you recognise there is another path available so for just his moment I am going to invite you to consider an alternative word, instead of “symptom” what if your fatigue was your “messenger”?
I am curious when I say this to you what thoughts and feelings does it evoke inside you? If I am honest if someone said that to me when I was in that position I would want to scream into my pillow, I get it, honestly, I do, but I invite you to stick with me if only for the remainder of this blog

Just imagine if your fatigue is your messenger, that this is the only way your body can communicate with you – what would it be trying to say? Maybe that you have been looking after others for too long and need a rest? maybe that you have ignored the early signs of stress and overwhelm and now its shouting at you to listen? maybe you have been spreading yourself too thinly for too long? maybe that it’s time to care for yourself for a little bit? maybe it trying to warn you to slow down so you don’t have a relapse? maybe you haven’t been eating or sleeping well and now you need to rest? What is it trying to tell you?

Will you choose to listen and give yourself the permission of the answer, guilt, and judgment free?

I am inviting you to consider this alternative word….. “symptom” or “messenger” which one feels lighter less pressure? Which one empowers you? Which one gives you back control? And which one keeps you stuck in a cycle of boom and bust in your health and energy, dis empowers you, and keeps you in the cycle of boom & bust?

Both realities are true and both are a choice, which one you choose is up to you.

Sending you energy, vitality and lots and lots of good health

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