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Don't stop believing on your journey

At the heart of everything we do, or don’t do, is our belief system, what we believe to be true and what we believe not be true. We are conditioned by society to think it is that black & white, truth or lies and as we can see from recent events around the world is that that thought process only causes division, animosity and even war.

We also ‘believe’ that are beliefs are set in stone, and if anyone questions our beliefs it can trigger us because they are questioning who we are deep inside.

But I want you to spend some time and consider your beliefs, write them down especially around the things you are trying to change, for example do you believe you are worthy of being taken care of? Do you believe you deserve to be healthy and vibrant? Do you believe your body is amazing? Etc etc don’t judge them just write them down

Also consider are these beliefs, actually your beliefs? or were they your parents and now they have become yours? A lot of our belief system comes from our childhood and some of those beliefs are still helpful and some become out of date but we think we are stuck with them.
But the truth is we can change our beliefs at any time – don’t ‘believe’ me?!

When I think about my childhood belief’s my mum definitely instilled the belief that good nutritious food is vital for health, so I am keeping that one. I also had a belief from my parents that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ I have decided that that no longer serves me and have done lots of work to let go of that one – I now choose to belief that ‘money protects me and takes care of me’, it doesn’t change my current financially reality but it feels less fearful, more positive and opens up possibility.

Beliefs are just beliefs, they are not absolute truths, so if they are not absolute truths they can be changed!

I also had a belief that I was never good enough, that I was weak, that I had to be happy and positive all the time so people liked me, that stress was just part of life and to put my big girl knickers on and get on with it, that I wasn’t resilient because I kept failing in my health.

When I started working with a health coach I said I wanted to become “Resilient” because I didn’t believe that I was. It doesn’t matter if others tell you the opposite, if you don’t believe it then that is your truth, right? but with support and guidance and a willingness to be open minded to a new perspective, I realised I have always been resilient, and that new belief (my new truth) is now serving me well.

When my coach first said to me “what else would you prefer to believe?”, I had no idea what to say, I didn’t know I had the power to choose, but I did, and so do you.

I choose now to belief that “I am good enough”, that “I do deserve more”, and I can achieve all that I want whilst ‘feeling calm, relaxed and at peace’. I chose to develop and nurture these beliefs until it became my truth because I wanted a future full of vitality health and energy.
Believing isn’t hoping

having hope is fantastic, but hope suggests that you are waiting for someone else to ‘fix’ you, a doctor, a magic pill, divine intervention. I don’t know about you but I haven’t got time to wait around hoping, I want to do it myself and I want it now.

Believing comes from a place of you wanting to take responsibility for your own life, health and destiny.

So where do you begin?

Know that you want to take 100% responsibility and not rely on hope is a great place to start. Deciding what you really really want and why you want it (this process if far more powerful than relying on willpower and motivation alone).

The next step is vital, raising your awareness, start noticing your current habits and thoughts that are not helping you achieve what it is that you truly want? Write them down, everywhere, how often do you have negative thought, make excuses, pass judgment on yourself in a typical day?

Then, and only then, start to take tiny steps forward every day, consciously choosing new habits, new thoughts that with consistency and patience become your new normal, your new belief, your new truth.

The more you build the habit of awareness the easier and easier it will be to build the new behaviour and then the new belief. At some point you will choose to let go of the old worn-out record that you might have listened to for a lifetime and choose to replace it with a shiny new one that you can take with you into your future.

This process doesn’t have to be hard or a struggle this is not about getting it perfect or being a A* student this is about tiny steps forward, progress, and learning from any setbacks.
Judgment has no place if you choose to go down this path but curiosity, imagination and trusting your intuition is everything.

Are you ready to believe you are worth more?

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