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It's time to break free

Is your stubborn streak keeping you stuck? I only ask this because I know it was true of me.

“Don’t tell me what to do I know best”
“It’s weak to ask for help”
“I can do it, nobody has to help me”
“I will just put my big girl pants on and show you”
“I am not listening I know what to do”
“I have done it a thousand times leave me alone I can do it”

Oh my!!! Do any of the above statements resonate with you?

It took me over 20 years of struggling, fighting, being a warrior, a survivor, to realise the harsh truth – I am a human being not a god dam robot, I am fallible, I need support, I need other people!!!!

We all face struggles and challenges but we are not designed to do it on our own.  In days gone by we would have had family nearby, communities, that would come together and everyone would share each other’s burdens and ease the pressure

We are human beings, we are not designed to go alone, we are social creatures who need the support of each other

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it is a sign of courage, strength and god damn determination and resilience.

My stubborn streak served me well it gave me the gift of grit and determination but relying on one side of your personality is always going to cause you to crash in your energy.

It also stops you listening to other people’s viewpoint, a new outlook to help you move from the challenge you are currently facing, so you go the long way round, or keep repeating the same behaviours again and again, does this make sense? Or was this just me?

You are so much more than a one-dimensional person, you are a whole, beautiful, amazing complete human being, and embracing ALL sides of your personality, your talents and quirks is what will help you to sustain your energy into a long and healthy future.

What if you let your stubborn streak stand down, have a well-earned rest, what then?

Does that feel scary? Does that feel vulnerable? Who are you without it? I tell you who you are – a human being.

Behind that wall of strength and resilience is a softer side who is desperately trying to help and support you, and if that feels too vulnerable to rely on that side of your personality to support you right now, then ask for help from someone who can guide you to believe in this side of your character empowering you to be this well rounded, complete, complex, balanced human being you were always meant to be.

Your stubborn streak is an amazing quality, and one you need, but all heroes and warriors need a rest, allow your softer side to shine so your stubborn streak is stronger than ever when next needed, allow yourself to embrace all sides of your humanness, your health and energy will thank you for it.

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