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Doing nothing can be fun!

When was the last time you did nothing?

And I don’t mean physically do nothing I literally mean do nothing!!

When was the last time you let the time drift by whilst you day dreamed, imagined, escaped, took in the view around you, played with the insects and bugs in the garden, stared at an object and just drifted away.

No to do list, no negative thoughts or stories, no guilt, no worry, no stress.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to do nothing, for no reason or purpose, to just BE?

When we watch children play by themselves, they do it all the time, their imagination takes them to far off lands when they are astronauts or superheroes just in complete joy and love for the moment
But as we grow up and expectations, pressures, responsibilities, and life’s challenges pile on us we forget that that this amazing skill and ability is still with us, it never went away we just lost the art to use it or see any value in it.

As adults we actually lose the ability to enjoy the joy in doing nothing and enjoy a lot of what life has to offer in the everyday.

If we are ill and forced to do nothing, we are too busy slapping ourselves with guilt, shame and self judgment, and if we are leading a busy life then we have no time, doing nothing is just lazy!!

It feels wrong somehow? Indulgent? Selfish?

But for a moment indulge me……take off the mask of parent, provider, carer, partner, teacher, counsellor, employee, boss, sibling, daughter, son

And just sit as you, that innocent sweet child who easily found the joy in the nothingness – can you even remember her? she is in there, she never went away, you just forgot about her in the chaos of life.

Dig deep find her and give her a cuddle as you do nothing, let the emotion rise, let it flow, she has been trapped for long time and she wants to play, she wants to be free, she wants joy, fun, laughter

You will only find her when you do nothing, because the rest of the time you are busy with your masks of expectation, responsibility, pressures as well as negative stories, thoughts and beliefs (which are not true by the way, but that is another story for another time).

So my task for you today is to spend some time doing nothing, the more you do this the more you will want to do it and the more you want to do it the more you will feel good and the more you feel good the more energy, health, happiness, love and joy and calm you will have in your life.

Isn’t that all we are looking for from life anyway?

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