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You've come this far...

Hey Lovely!

It might not seem like it right now but you have taken a big step towards resetting and recharging your energy, just by simply being here.

Bold statement? ….maybe…….

The simple truth is that you already know that you want and deserve more for your health and energy, and you are done looking out there for the answers, you already know the answers are within you you just don’t know how, simply knowing this is HUGE!!

When we begin the journey back to health and energy it can feel overwhelming and scary, after all nothing else has worked, right? So lets make it simple, lets take baby steps that will create a positive ripple effect.

This Beginners Guide to resetting your energy offers a fresh perspective of looking at your energy.
We are conditioned to honour and even worship some phases of energy and treat other phases as ‘less than’ when in fact our energy naturaly ebbs and flows. When we begin to honour the natural rhythms and enjoy the strengths of each phase, and learn from their limitations.

The real magic of beginning to think of our energy in this way is that our body will reward us time and time again will ride the wave and no longer struggle against the tide, and then our journey back to health and energy is easier, lighter, less of a struggle

In this guide you will learn

  • That we are taught that there are only to 2 phases of energy and why this linear view is very one dimensional and limiting
  • You will be introduced to 2 extra phases of energy that are often ignored, but are vital to resetting our energy
  • You will learn all about the power of cyclic living and honouring the natural ebb & flow of our energy
  • You will learn that we are never stuck in any energy, energy is constantly flowing in cycles, we have just not been taught to look at energy in this way
  • You will learn the strengths and potential pitfalls of each phase so that you can learn and grow ready for the next cycle
  • You will begin to see the opportunity in your fatigue and lose of health, and from this place gain clarity on your next best decisions and steps forward
  • and you will learn that by giving yourself permission to live within the safety of this method that you can do it completely guilt free!!

Are you ready to Reset your Energy so you can begin your journey back to enjoying consistent energy & health?

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