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Are you ready


make the change?

If you are, then I am excited for you because I will challenge and support you to look at your body, health and life with a fresh pair of eyes.

My approach is easy; I do not believe in restriction, starvation or deprivation. Health has become over complicated with too much science and medical terminology, too much contradictory advice, too much of the next wonder diet, too much information, too much to overwhelm you, just too much…aarrgghhhh!

For this reason you won’t get a diet plan from me, you won’t get a militant exercise regime and you won’t be overloaded with information. Just google it, the information is out there!

As a habit change specialist I provide a proven program that will uncover what is keeping you stuck in a rut. By using modern behavioral science techniques we will re-wire the brain and install new healthy habits that will last.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise growth”

John Whitmore

I will be your biggest supporter, offering a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space for you. I will hold the vision you have for yourself safe in my hands and we will go and find it together, but I am not afraid to use a bit of tough love if and when it is needed to ensure you get to where you want to be.

It is time to put you back in control, because nobody knows you and your body better than you (You might not believe this yet, but you will!). We’ll look at your whole life. The stresses and challenges that you face day in and day out, not just the food you eat or the free time you have (or don’t have) or the sleep you get (or don’t get). We’ll look at everything!

You’ll rediscover your energy and vibrancy so that you can go forward with joy and resilience, this will ensure that no matter what life throws at you, you can still live your best and healthiest life.

Regardless of what health issues life may have dealt you, everyone deserves to enjoy a vibrant, joyous, energetic life. This doesn’t mean simply being on the go all the time or running endless marathons, it means finding the balance that is right for you so that you have the same amount of energy at 8am as you do at 8pm. This will allow you to enjoy the good things in life – family, friends, work, food, fresh air – it’s not too much to ask for, is it?

I am really passionate to make your transformation easy, sustainable and fun (and believe you me the changes I have made in my life have not been difficult or complicated otherwise I wouldn’t of done it! No jogging at 5am for me! Lol). Together we will make small habit changes that will cause a ripple effect in your, career, relationships and so much more.

Are you ready to make a change?
Are you willing to be coached?
Are you ready to approach your health and life from a fresh perspective?

If the answer is yes then it would be an honour to help you achieve the results and transformation you deserve

Please see details of the programs I can offer below.


One 45 minute Complimentary Breakthrough Session

This is a chance for us to dive deep to discover what you want for yourself and what challenges you are facing that is stopping you from getting there. It is always an honor when someone is willing to pick up the phone or meet me for what a lot of the time is a very vulnerable conversation, but within the call my goal is to provide you with some insights and clarity so you can take some action steps away with you and think about your next best step.

The 6 week Kick Start Your Health Program

This is the program for the modern day person who is juggling kids, career and is starved of any free time. This program dips your toe into the world of coaching and mindset shifts. The focus will be on self care, we will step back and look at your whole life together, from here we will gain some clarity, we’ll clear away the clutter and free up space in your life and in your mind, from here we can then make some clear decisive decisions enabling you to take empowered action to go forward with renewed energy, focus and confidence.

The Total Transformation Program

This is my signature program that will totally transform your health, your body, and your life. I believe that everyone deserves to life their best life. The focus here is YOU, I will work around you, your stresses, your health issues and we will design a plan that suits you. We will start small making the tiniest of habit changes to begin with but quickly we will build and build on them. I totally believe that the vision you hold for yourself already exists we just need to find her.

Single sessions available on request.

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